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Finding Joy Through the Holidays

Finding Joy Through the Holidays The Holiday season can be rough on some of us, but it is possible to find joy in this time of year. We will potentially be around family, that we will be stressed, and that there will be a lot to do. So much to do, that many times we fail to find ourselves truly living in the joy of the season or in joy at all. Whether it’s because a family member passed and it’s hard to celebrate without them, or maybe finances make this time of year difficult, or just maybe you struggle with frustration, anxiety or depression. No matter your reasoning, finding joy in the holidays is possible and can renew you going into the new year. Here are a few tips to keep your holiday spirit alive: Being Joyful doesn’t mean you have to be happy in every circumstance. It is still very possible to find joy; that deep emotion that stirs inside of your heart and soul, even when you outwardly are not at your happiest. The hardest days are sometimes the best reminders of what we have. Our focus should also be on what we have rather than dwelling […]

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