Thank You to Our Amazing Staff!

Countryside Village Lodge gives recognition to its tireless workers

It’s been said that the test of true leadership is how well they function in a crisis. But we want to talk about our essential staff who makes our leadership work.

From day one, learning about coronavirus our staff has shown concern for the steps and protocols to keep our beloved residents safe and protected. Moreover, they have worked to keep up spirits and help with keeping our community connected in togetherness. As essential workers they continue to play an important role in our village and provide the amazing care we are known for.

There are behind-the-scenes activities that go into running a retirement community. From the chefs who show up to cook tasty meals over the grills in the heat to our waitstaff who gear up with masks and goggles for safe dining experiences. Our care team has adapted with us to each new mandate and regulation regarding social distancing, PPE and such. Our Cleaning team has worked diligently wiping out dirt and germs to make sure the whole building is sanitized, and our Life Engagement director works around the clock to keep our residents active and engaged. With our dedicated staff, we can manage a safe and enjoyable community.

So, when we say essential, we mean it. They are the essential part of our community family.

From Countryside Village  Lodge to our staff: we recognize your dauntless work. THANK YOU.

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