We are inoculated! Covid-19 Vaccinations at CSV

The Covid-19 vaccinations are on all our minds lately. Millions of vaccines have been shipped, but where are they and when will you receive one?

Our team, while working closely with  Josephine County Health Authorities, was able to set up a vaccination clinic on site for all our residents and staff on the whole campus on January 28th!

This takes us one step further in protecting our residents, staff, and their families.

Overall, we are still in the first phase (1a) of vaccinations which include persons working in health care, first responders, crisis care and residential care. Moreover, as per Governor Brown’s announcement, all individuals age 65 and older will be vaccinated in the (1b) phase and second-dose reserve vaccines are being released for immediate use. Once first phase persons have been identified and vaccinated, phase two begin.


Because we received the vaccines for our residents at Countryside Village in the first wave, we will soon be one of the safest places for seniors to live and play. It is just one of the perks of living your golden years at Countryside Village.  We are all looking forward to getting our lives back to normal where we hug, smile, and enjoy one another’s company again.

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