Thank you Firefighters!

Thank you, firefighters! Oregon Strong

We have all watched the news and some of us have seen in person the devastation the fires have caused our neighboring county. It has been heartbreaking to see the loss, but in the mist of this we have seen something beautiful… a community come together and support one another.

Community members are busy gathering donations, manning evacuation centers, digging through their closets and houses for items to help replace what others have lost to the fires. They have opened their houses, their kitchens, and their hearts to neighbors and strangers alike.

Bravo Southern Oregon!

Countryside Village is proud to be a part of a community that takes care of one another and appreciates the strenuous and daunting work from exhausted firefighters, volunteers, and fire officials. Our town, community and residents have not been directly affected like the our neighboring county but we honor and thank all of the firefighters that have worked tirelessly to contain the fires.

Thank you!

Like everyone else, we are ready for 2020 to settle down and return to normal. Whew! What a year it has been and through it all, we thank and recognize the people keeping us informed, safe and fighting to end disease and fire dangers. Oregon Strong is more than just a phrase, it’s what Oregonians are: grit and love for one another.

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