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Celebrating 20 years

A Halloween Story Written by our Residents

Once Upon  A
Halloween Night

Written by the Residents at
Country Meadows Village – Courtside

On a cold Halloween night, there was a man that had one leg, 4 eyes, and no nose! The man chose to stay in his home and keep away from others most nights. He decided to slip out that night, hoping to make a friend.

While walking through town, he met a group of women. When the women saw him, they shrieked in fear and reached for their pepper spray! The man calmly said “I come in peace, in search of a friend.” One of the women stepped out from the group to take a closer look. What she saw was a scary, disfigured, and unfamiliar face on the outside. It was then she reminded herself he could have a kind, friendly heart on the inside.  “Why don’t you join us for some hot cocoa?” The woman asked. Her friends were appalled! The man was so shocked by her response. “I’d love that! You aren’t too scared of me?”

”No one can scare me away from hot cocoa!” The woman joked. The scary man introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Oscar.”
“Nice to meet you, Oscar. My name is Henrietta.” Oscar and Henrietta talked and laughed over hot cocoa for hours. They passed out candy for the trick-or-treaters and the kids weren’t even scared of Oscar.

 Oscar knew then that he is more than his appearance. He wasn’t that scary after all, and the world is actually a friendly place!

The End!

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